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Survey on Private Ambulatory Facilities

The Survey on Private Ambulatory Facilities is conducted by the Department of Health (DH) to collect information on private healthcare facilities (PHFs) providing ambulatory medical and dental services and their modes of operation.

In June 2016, all medical practitioners and dentists were invited to provide their practising addresses if they were practising in the private sector (Phase I Survey). In addition to the premises reported by the respondents, premises used for healthcare services were identified from existing databases of healthcare establishments, such as public directories of healthcare services and business registration. Excluding premises that were registered with DH (under the Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance, Cap. 165 and the Medical Clinics Ordinance, Cap. 343) or managed by the Hospital Authority, there were 6 134 premises identified to be PHFs providing ambulatory medical and dental services, as at September 2016.

The Phase II Survey was conducted from December 2016 to April 2017 to identify premises that were day procedure centres and clinics as defined under the Private Healthcare Facilities Bill. A standard questionnaire was sent by post to 6 134 premises. The overall premise-based response rate1 was 40.8%. The total number of private healthcare facilities (PHFs) enumerated was 2 335.


1 American Association for Public Opinion Research (2016). Standard Definitions: Final Dispositions of Case Codes and Outcome Rates for Surveys (9th ed.).