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Small Practice Clinic

Respondents were asked the following questions to assess its eligibility for exemption from license under the licensing scheme proposed by the PHF Bill:

  1. Is the clinic owned by a sole proprietorship, and if not, how many director(s)/partner(s) does this company have?
  2. For company/partnership, how many director(s)/partner(s) is/are medical practitioner(s) or dentist(s)?
  3. For company/partnership, how many director(s)/partner(s) practise medicine or dentistry in this facility?
  4. Is there any relieving locum practising in this facility?
  5. Other than the owner and relieving locum(s), is there any medical practitioner or dentist also practising in this facility?

Under the proposed scheme, a clinic is a “small practice clinic” exempted from license if it is –

  • not a DPC where scheduled medical procedures were performed; and
  • operated under a sole proprietorship, a company, or a partnership having not more than 5 directors or partners, who are all medical practitioners and/or dentists; and
  • none other than the sole proprietor, directors or partners served in the facility, except locum who took up duties for not more than 60 days in a calendar year for each proprietor, partner or director, or cumulatively 180 days in a year for a facility.

Type of business entity of clinics Number of clinics Number (%) of clinics that were small practice clinics
Sole proprietorship 1 337 1 143 (85.5%)
Registered Company with ≤5 directors 666 242 (36.3%)
Partnership with ≤5 partners 99 70 (70.7%)
Others (e.g. society, statutory body, trade union) 35 --
Total 2 137 1 455 (68.1%)