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Mode of Business

Respondents were asked to indicate which of the following types of business entity best describes the facility -

  • Sole Proprietorship [excluding company registered under Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)]
  • Registered Company [registered under Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)]
  • Partnership [meaning the relationship subsisting between persons carrying on a business in common, except any company or association formed or incorporated under any ordinance]
  • Others [including society registered or exempted under Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151), statutory body established by legislation, and trade union]

Type of business entity Number (%) of PHFs
Sole Proprietorship 1 405 (60.2%)
Registered Company 784 (33.6%)
Partnership 109 (4.7%)
Others 37 (1.6%)
Total 2 335 (100.0%)