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Information of Healthcare Engineering Systems

Service Providers Reference Lists: Engineering Consultants

Lists of service providers being maintained by relevant government departments and organisations.

Engineering Consultants
Design / Supervision of Works for Healthcare Engineering Systems / Referral of a Registered Professional Engineer (RPE)
  • 1 List of Consultants of the AACSB appointed by the Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury (by selecting the following categories and bands of installation in the reference website)
    • Category : Building Services ; Band : Band 1 (eligible to bid for AACSB consultancies of the appropriate category with estimated project value exceeding HK$400 million each.)
    • Category : Building Services ; Band : Band 2 (eligible to bid for AACSB consultancies of the appropriate category with estimated project value not exceeding HK$400 million each.)
Note1 : The terms of reference of the Architectural and Associated Consultants Selection Board (AACSB) are (1) to approve the selection and appointment of architectural and associated consultants for government projects, other than those selected and appointed by departmental consultants selection committees, (2) to advise the Secretary for Development on selection procedures, conditions of employment and remuneration of architectural and associated consultants and to recommend changes as necessary, (3) to promulgate guidelines on selection and appointment procedures approved by the Board, and (4) to review the performance of architectural and associated consultants.

The above lists are by no means exhaustive and are for reference only. The lists are compiled, maintained and provided by various government departments, professional institutions/associations or trade unions. The Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities (ORPHF) plays no part in compilation of the lists and shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies in the lists nor any error/incomplete information arising from the hyperlink nor any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any information or the performance of the persons/companies in the lists. The persons/companies in the lists should not be regarded as endorsed or recommended by the ORPHF. The responsible persons of the healthcare facilities are responsible for making their own verification of all information in the lists. Related organisation should be contacted should there be any queries on any matter regarding the lists.