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Information of Healthcare Engineering Systems Service Providers


Healthcare engineering systems, namely electrical installations, specialized ventilation systems, and medical gas supplies, are essential facilities for safe delivery of medical services. Both hospital and day procedure centre may equip with the healthcare engineering systems to ensure a safe healthcare services therein.

The work process involved in engineering and construction for healthcare facilities, from planning to execution, often entails the engagement of service providers (e.g. competent consultant / contractor / relevant professional with healthcare engineering experience) to carry out design, installation and testing & commissioning for healthcare engineering systems and offer professional opinion in compliance with the provision of relevant ordinances, codes of practice, internationally acceptable standards and providing professional service as necessary. In general, apart from direct appointment of independent professional (e.g. Registered Professional Engineer (RPE)), this website integrated the following service providers in which the hospital and day procedure centre may consider to approach for professional advice at various stages for design / installation / testing / certification. (The relevant archives of the service providers are maintained by other government departments and other institutions)

According to Guidance Notes for Application for Hospital Licence and Guidance Notes for Application for Variation of Service/Particulars of Hospitals (see “Important Documents” in this web site), certification of compliance endorsed by a registered professional engineer (RPE) is required in order to ensure that the design and installation of healthcare engineering systems in a hospital are in compliance with the relevant requirements and acceptable standards as set out in the PHF(E) 11A Code of Practice for Private Hospitals (2022 Edition).

For day procedure centre, independent registered professional engineer may, under an advisory role in nature, be appointed (or be referred by the aforementioned Engineering consultants / Engineering contractors) to carry out examination of the healthcare engineering systems, and certify that the design and installation of these systems are in compliance with the clauses and standards as suggested in the Guidelines for Healthcare Engineering Systems in Day Procedure Centre under Annex III of the Code of Practice for Day Procedure Centres.

Various samples of certificates of compliance with healthcare engineering requirements for the reference of use by a hospital or a day procedure centre can be downloaded from the following hyperlink. If verification of the registration status (electrical, mechanical or building services discipline) of a registered professional engineer is considered necessary, the website of the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) can be referred.

When carrying out the installation of healthcare engineering systems, some building construction works (e.g. demolition, alteration and addition works) might also be involved. Registered General Building Contractor / Minor Works Contractor shall also be appointed by the hospital and day procedure centre to carry out these building construction works in order to satisfy the requirements under the Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123) and relevant regulations / codes of practice. Professional advice on building construction can be sought from building professional via a referral by the appointed engineering consultant / contractor, where necessary. If verification of the registration status of a building professional in relevant discipline (e.g. Authorised Person prescribed by Buildings Department) is considered necessary, the Buildings Department's website for the Registered Professionals or Contractors Search can be referred.

For other enquiries on the technical aspect in the healthcare engineering systems, please visit the FAQs on the webpage of the Seminar on Healthcare Engineering Systems of Day Procedure Centres.