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Application for Day Procedure Centre Licence
> Application for Day Procedure Centre Licence

Application for Day Procedure Centre Licence

Meaning of Day Procedure Centre

A day procedure centre (DPC) is any premises that are used, or intended to be used by registered medical practitioners or registered dentists for carrying out scheduled medical procedures on patients, without lodging. The period of continuous confinement for patient must be within the facility for not more than 12 hours. Also, the continuous confinement for any patient must be within the same calendar day.

A DPC does not form part for the premises of a hospital.

How to Apply
  1. Read the Code of Practice for Day Procedure Centres, guidance notes for the application, application form and all relevant forms and documents before application
  2. Fill in the application form through e-Licensing
  3. Duly sign the application form and the corresponding declaration forms
  4. Prepare all required supporting documents
  5. Submit all the document listed in (3) and (4) to the Department of Health through electronic or paper channel
  6. Pay the application fee on or before the due date stated on the general demand note. Payment methods are specified on the general demand note
For DPC with total number of operating rooms, designated room for medical procedures, and doctor or dentist consultation rooms – Fee
- up to 5 rooms 17,650
- 6-10 rooms 22,850
- more than 10 rooms 28,400
Validity Period of Licence

Full Licence

Under normal circumstances, the licence of a DPC is valid for not more than 3 years.

Provisional Licence

The provisional licence is effective from 1 January 2021 and valid until one of the following events occurs or the date specified –

  1. the full licence is issued
  2. the application for full licence is refused by DH
  3. the application for full licence is withdrawn, or deemed to be withdrawn by DH
  4. an expiry date of the transitional arrangements appointed by Health Bureau was published by notice in the Gazette

In order to provide sufficient preparation time for the industry, the expiry date of the transitional arrangement will be at least 1 year after the date on which the notice is published.

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